January 30, 2011, 2011年1月30日

與 Fishkill 拿撒勒教會聯誼  Fellowship with Fishkill Church of Nazarene

Fishkill 拿撒勒教會邀請主愛之家全體會眾參加他們在2001年1月30日上午11點鐘的主日崇拜主愛之家家庭帶著喜樂的心參加了這個崇拜.在講道之前拿撒勒教會請各家庭的家長到台前,由史密斯牧師及教會長執們在眾人身上按手,為主愛之家前面的道路及各項事工的開展祝福禱告崇拜後兩所教會的會眾共進愛宴,有美好的交通。


Fishkill Church of Nazarene invited all House of Christ's Love members to their Sunday service at 11:00am, January 30, 2011. More than a dozen HoCL families attended the worship with a grateful heart. Before sermon, HoCL members were invited to the podium. Pastor Smith and deacons then laid hands on them, and prayed for the future direction as well as the ministries of HoCL. After worship, the two congregations sat down to enjoy fellowship and a pot-luck lunch together.