April 14, 2013

洗礼 Baptism

教会在2013年4月14日举行洗礼. 众弟兄姐妹共同见证徐金凤姐妹与邹慧芳姐妹受洗归入基督。洗礼由Fishkill 拿撒勒教会的史密斯牧师主持。 仪式后教会为这两位姊妹颁发洗礼证书并赠送圣经,愿主的话 语成为两位姊妹一生脚前的灯,路上的光, Church held a baptism service on April 14, 2013, during which sisters Jinfeng Xu and Huifang Prokop were baptized into Christ Jesus. The service was officiated by Pastor Robert Smith of Fishkill Church of Nazarene. After the service, church issued baptism certificate and a copy of Bible as gift to each sister. May the Word of God be a lamp to their feet and a light to their paths.