January 22-24, 2016

【基督生平】第一冊 “The Life of Christ” Book 1

邓文鋆牧师在2016年1月22-24日拜访主爱之家, 为神学推广教育【基督生平】第一册的三个月学习作一总结. 邓文鋆牧师带领了三天密集课程及两场考试.共有15位学员完成这一阶段的学习.
Pastor Stephen Tang visited House of Christ’s Love on January 22-24, 2016 to conclude the three months learning of theological education by extension (TEE) course “The Life of Christ” Book 1. Over the weekend, Pastor Tang conducted a three-day intensive course, and administered two exams. A total of 15 students completed this stage of the training.